Monday , 28 Nov 2022
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Supreme Advisor Message

Dear colleagues,
I, as a member and the CEO of IAP, am delighted and honored at the prospect of being your host at the annual international symposium of the iranian academy of periodontology, being held between 17th and 20th - October, 2017, located at the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.
We hope such events will be internationally received as a token of Iranians' willingness to work hand in hand with the world to push the boundaries of science even further. Indeed, Iran, steeped in ancient history and the history of science, once again wants to extend its hands to the world and do its share for the excellence of science and human beings' living condition.
At the time when such atrocities as war, sectarian terrorism and environmental crisis denial are prevalent around the globe, science could be the lingua franca to bring the nations, cultures and ethnicities closer together, building bridges of peace and prosperity for all the inhabitants of our beloved planet.
During the event, we hope to visit areas such as periodental diseases and epidemics and the new researches and advancements in the field. In addition, we hope the upcoming event will be a true symbol of synergy and multiculturalism in the academic realm.
We look forward to visiting you  all in 17th  annual symposium of the IAP.
Yours faithfully,

Dr. Behzad Hooshmand
Supreme Advisor –Chairman of Periodontology Association

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